Quantum Determinism.

If all people were removed from the universe, would the perfect square exist? Would fifteen and three exist? Would it be fated that Andy Corbett would still scare me into a small ball of fear on my chair with difficult maths and philosophy questions? And how is a girl to get on with writing up a presentation if, instead, she is worrying about the universe and predestination?

Liam is predestined to go to America this weekend. For a whole year. Woe. We have had an party complete with American sweets and a repressilator cake to celebrate GlycoWeb going online and say goodbye to Liam, who has been wonderful. (Hint to Amsterdam judges – if you send us to Boston, we will get to see Liam again, so we’d really really like to go, please.)

Right, I ought to get on with stuff. Get back, ye tide of existential questions! The dark fire will not avail you!

Yeah that’s right, I don’t have time for deep thought. Get lost. I have a job to do.

Freddie’s repressilator cake.


Mary B.


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