Apparently we have to meet at 4.30 AM on Friday morning. The reason for the meeting is to travel to the iGEM UK meetup, generously hosted by Google at the Google Campus. The reason for 4.30 is less certain, it’s believed the gentleman operating the mode of transport is responsible for insisting on that unappreciated point.

But time, as Alex B. told myself and Alex Clowsley earlier, is entirely fictitious. It is intangible and you cannot experience it, therefore someone made it up. I feel he is mixing up the notions of time as a dimension and times as a human construct. But fictional or real, I think 4.30 on Friday morning is going to either feel very real, or I will miraculously be asleep.

In other news, Freddie dragged himself onto campus this morning, mumbling incoherently, hair askew and peering dazedly out at the world. Poor darling. He is rather ill, but bravely trooped in to join the team in the noble fight. He has been sent home to recover. I expect him to unnecessarily apologise for days.


Mary B.


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