I meant to mention, in that last post, that Tom Ellis gave a really interesting and useful talk at the UK meetup, but I forgot. Well, he did. Watch it online. Or just watch ours, whatever.
Also, I wanted to talk about Leicester. Well actually, about Tom Howard. But it starts with Leicester: While their sponsored walk looked fun, and you could potentially get a lot of money from a bake sale (like my primary school. Insane. Were there blood diamonds in those cakes? How else could it have been achieved?) I am enormously grateful that Dr Thomas Howard has been ruthlessly able to get enough funding for us to cheerfully take it for granted (although it was granted, so it’s not unjustified to take it as such…anyway). And so many generous members of the department. We have such an enthusiastic bunch of people at this university. A few really irritating people, but on the whole, at the moment, I’m feeling rather fond of everyone.
I hope Leicester have enough to see them through, I really do. They seemed like a nice bunch.


Yours sentimentally,
Mary B.


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