The University of Exeter has entered the international Genetically Engineered Machines competition for the first time. Their team, comprised of four biochemists, four physicists, a mathematician and an engineering student, are ambitiously attempting in vivo synthesis of artifical polysaccharides. It’s a tall order…

The University of Exeter’s First Most Noble iGEM Team

Our wiki: http://2012.igem.org/Team:Exeter

Our team (shown clockwise from top left in photo):

Andy Corbett: Mathematics

James Lynch: Biophysicist

Freddie Dudbridge: Biochemistry

Liam Stubbington: Physics

Alex Clowsley: Biophysicist

Ryan Edginton: Biophysicist

Alice Bond: Engineering

Alex Baldwin: Biological and Medicinal Chemistry student

Mary Beton: Biochemistry

Becca Philp: Biological and Medicinal Chemistry student

Some of our favourite people:

Tom Howard: Voice of Reason.

George Littlejohn: Bioimagery genuis.

Rafael Pena-Miller: Time traveller and coding guru.

Christine Sambles: Omicsician.

Mike Page

Dr Nic-The-Awesome Harmer

Professor Winlove: King of Physics Tower

Orkun Soyer


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